Flexi-Glass Medium - 4 oz.

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Flexi-Glass is an exciting new Glass product developed by Glass Artist David Alcala. This amazing new glass medium will open the door to exciting possibilities and applications to your glass fusing projects that will simply amaze you. Create your own fusible paper-like glass film, that you can cut with scissors and then fuse. Flexi-Glass is formulated to work with powdered and fine glass frit, enamels, and even micas or luster. Create your own threads of fusible colored enamel. You will soon discover the many uses are limited only by one's own imagination, not to mention all the money you will save in glass materials by using Flexi-Glass.

Flexi-Glass Medium is the liquid bonding agent that is flexible when dry. This is one of the key components of the Flexi-Glass system. Flexi-Glass Medium mixes with frits to make a flexible fusible film that can be cut with scissors, with enamels to make threads or with Mica to make luster sheets. Flexi-Glass Medium comes in a 4oz bottle.

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