The loss of a beloved friend or family member often leaves us in the darkest of places. Finding our way back to what was a normal life is often difficult until we find closure on our recent loss. Consider letting the glass craftsman at Warner Art Glass offer a potential solution to ease your pain through the most difficult of times.

Our Art Glass Memorials offer closure and beauty to the next chapter of your life. It is with the highest levels of dignity and humility that our craftsman infuse the ashes of your loved one into a timeless, colorful and stunning crystalline memorial. We can do all of the work if you'd like, but we also encourage you to be a part of the process. Being inclusive seems to have a meditative like quality to the final closure that we all seek.

Step 1: Choose Memorial Style

Each of our memorials come with a choice of (2) colors.

Standard Items


$175 / memorial


$175 / memorial


$175 / memorial


$200 / memorial

Specialty Items


$200 / memorial


Worry Stones (5)

$175 / memorial

(Must all be the same colors)

Step 2: Extras/Additions

  • Involvement: Those wishing to take part of the memorial creation can do so if they wish. It takes around 30 min and costs $50/memorial.
  • Additional Memorials: Additional memorials of the same style can be added to your order at a discount of 20% Off.
  • Additional Colors: (2) additional colors can be added to memorials for $20/ color.
  • Pet Tag Hook: Add a small hook onto your piece to attach your pets tags for $25/memorial. (Can only be added to Orbs and Hearts)
  • Pet Collar Hole: Add a small hole into your piece to loop your pets collar for $25/memorial. (Can only be added to Hearts)
  • Worry Stone: Have (1) worry stone created from your memorial for $35. (Same Colors As Initial Item)

Step 3: Schedule your Appointment

Our artists are always ready to craft one of a kind treasures for you so please call us at 610-264-1100 to schedule your appointment or if you have any additional questions.