Kiln Rental

Looking for a place to fire your work? No problem! We offer in-store kiln rental services for your firing needs:

Evenheat GTS 2541-13 TAP: $25/firing

Chamber Size: 41" W x 25.25" L x 13.5" D - 7.2 cubic feet
(104.1cm Wide x 64.1cm Long x 34.3cm Deep - 204L)

Bottle Slump (up to 6 standard size bottles): $30/firing

To reserve, please call 800-523-4242.

Renters must provide their own kiln paper or purchase the day of firing. Renters are to lay pieces to be fired into kiln on the day they have reserved.

The GTS 2541 is designed to fire glass and is quite capable of all glass related firing up to 1800°F (982°C), such as painting, fusing, slumping, casting, etc. It should be noted that the GTS 2541 is designed to fire a single layer or shelf. The nature of the GTS 2541 is to provide heat from the lid elements directly to the shelf containing the glass. Attempting to fire glass below the top shelf is likely to lead to frustration and disappointment.