About Us

Hi. We’re Warner Art Glass, and we’re so glad you’ve found us. We’ve been a leader in the art glass industry for nearly 50 years, specializing in all things stained glass, mosaics, fusing, glassblowing, and everything in between. But we’re not just a supply and retail store; we’re real people with a real passion for art glass, and we’re dedicated to serving every level of glass enthusiast, whether you’re an art appreciator, a casual hobbyist, or a professional artist.

We believe that a company is only as happy as its customers, which is why we’re committed to giving you only our best:

Our Best Products: We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest products out there, and we’ve done the hard work of curating only the highest-quality tools, materials, and equipment so you don’t have to. As artists ourselves, we use and stand by the items we offer.

Our Best Glass: We source from only the leading glass manufacturers in the country, and in the case of Wissmach and Youghiogheny, we visit the factories ourselves and handpick sheets of glass. We look for the best, and we believe this attention to detail sets our stock apart from the rest.

Our Best Service, Most importantly: At Warner Art Glass, we know there’s no replacement for great customer service. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is passionate about art glass, but we’re even more passionate about serving our customers with excellence, friendliness, and professionalism. We take genuine care with every order, every question, and every person. Simply put: we value your trust, and we’ll prove it you.

History of the Company

Our story begins in the 1960s when Charles Warner first took an interest in glass as a teen growing up in sunny San Diego. “I was always fascinated by the stained glass art in church windows,” he recalls. Drawn by the depth of the vibrant colors and the stark contrast between the way glass reflects and transmits light, Mr. Warner’s curiosity led him to a community of stained glass artists where he learned the craft for himself.

In 1969, Mr. Warner opened “Looking Glass Studio,” a 500 sq. ft. shop located in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego that sold art glass supplies, offered classes to the community, provided custom stained-glass work, and, as he puts it, “sold customer service above all else.” “My mission has always been to make glass crafting fun, accessible, and enjoyable for people, and fostering a positive customer experience is essential,” he says. With this philosophy in mind, and sensing growth and opportunity on the East Coast, Mr. Warner moved the business to the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania in 1980 where it flourished into one of the leading art glass supply stores in the world.

Today, Warner Art Glass encompasses all fields of glass art, from cold (stained glass, mosaic) to warm (fusing) to hot (glassblowing, glass sculpting) glass. And while the store is bigger, the classes are larger, and the selection is far more diverse, the mission is the same as it was nearly 50 years ago, but with an additional goal: to inspire an appreciation for all forms of glass as an art form, especially amongst the next generation. “ it's my way of giving back,” says Mr. Warner. “To come full circle and inspire others the way I was inspired as a kid so they have a lifetime appreciation of the fascinating world of art glass.”