Introduction to Art Glass 101

Upcoming Class Dates:

Saturday March 30th at 1pm

Please call 800.523.4242 to register

Welcome to the world of art glass! In this class you’ll learn some of the many different ways to manipulate art glass. We’ll start off by showing you examples of some exquisite pieces of art glass media made by hand from both raw and stained glass, and by the end of class, you’ll have a strong understanding of how to choose the correct tools required to create your own beautiful works of art (and how to properly use them with complete confidence). From Mosaics to Leaded, Tiffany Style, Free Form, Fusing and Glassblowing, you can choose your favorite or choose them all. Our goal at Warner Art Glass Center is to educate and empower you to become the successful glass artist we know you can be!

Glass Cutting Techniques

During this hands-on portion of the class, glassmasters Angelo Grello and Jason Kline will show you the tricks, tips and techniques to cutting glass successfully as well as the correct use of the tools required to get the job done. 


Glass Grinding & Shaping

Learn how to choose and use the correct power tools for your needs. From entry-level grinders to professional ring saws, we’ll teach you how to use these tools safely and efficiently.

Glass Foiling

For those interested in the "Tiffany" style of stained glass art work, you’ll learn several foiling techniques by both hand and machine


We’ll show you how to choose the correct style of soldering iron for the type of work you would like to do. You will learn how to correctly control the temperature of your iron and basic soldering techniques. We’ll also advise you on the many different types of solder that is available to you and how to choose the correct one for your application, from lead-free to silver solder


During this portion of the session, you will learn how to prepare, clean and apply the many different types of patinas and polishing products. Often, this is when a project comes to life! If done correctly, you’ll be amazed at the work done by your own hands.

Class Registration

Saturday March 30th at 1pm

Please call 800.523.4242 to register

Cost: Free
Length: approximately 3 hours
Instructor: Angelo Grello